Who is Tracy Spiridakos? Know About Her Love Life, Education & Career

Tracy Spiridakos is a Canadian entertainer. She featured Becky Richards on the Teletoon youngsters’ satire series Majority Rules! From 2009-to 2010. She then featured as Charlotte “Charlie” Matheson on the NBC dystopian sci-fi series Revolution from 2012-to 2014, for which she won Saturn Award for Best Actress on Television.

She played Annika Johnson on the A&E TV show Bates Motel. Beginning around 2017, Spiridakos appeared on the NBC police show Chicago P.D. as Detective Hailey Upton. 

Early Life

Tracy Spirikados joined the number of inhabitants on the planet on the twentieth day in February 1988. She is the main young lady in charge of the care of her parents, George and Anastasia Spirikados. She has two siblings. Her folks co-claimed an eating-house.

Although her country of origin is Canada, Tracy Spiridakos spent her early years in Skala Greece, her dad’s old neighborhood. Notwithstanding, in the years that followed, she returned to her hometown.

There, she studied Greek morals as well as the language. In this manner, the entertainer is able to communicate fluidly in both the English and Greek dialects.


Being aware from the get-go in life that she wanted to pursue a career in acting, Tracy Spiridakos during her time at Oak Park High School was effectively engaged with the school’s theater division. Upon graduation, she took acting classes at the Actors Training Center, Manitoba.


Spiridakos moved to Vancouver in 2007 to pursue an acting career, and in the space of weeks handled her most memorable TV job, a recurring part on Supernatural. She spent several years working in TV, with a stroll on jobs on Bionic Woman, The L Word, Hellcats, and Psych Spiridakos appeared in the TV film Goblin, and the web series Mortal Kombat: Legacy. She likewise played a repetitive part on Being Human as werewolf Brynn McLean

In 2009, she got her first starring role in Canadian Teletoon series Majority Rules!, playing 15-year-old Becky Richards. She made her element film debut in 2011 with Rising of the Planet of the Apes and recorded the low-budget Michael Greenspan-helmed thrill ride, Kill for Me, featuring opposite Donal Logue and Katie Cassid Spiridakos showed up as Sammi in the 2012 Nickelodeon original film, Rags.

NBC TV series

The following year, she took the lead in the NBC TV series Revolution as Charlotte “Charlie” Matheson, a survivalist in a tragic future. She tried out for the role while taking part in her most memorable pilot season in Los Angeles. Spiridakos shot the pilot in Atlanta and recorded the main season in Wilmington, North Carolina.

She was selected for a Saturn Award for Best Actress on Television for her performance in the show’s first season, missing out on Fringe’s Anna Torv. Creation moved to Austin, Texas for the series’ subsequent season.

Spiridakos was featured on season 3 of the Showtime sitcom Episodes, like Dawn, a character in Morning Randolph (Mircea Monroe). In August 2014, Spiridakos assisted in bringing awareness to the disease of ALS by taking part in the Ice Bucket Challenge.

Spiridakos started as a guest star on the A&E TV show, Bates Motel in 2015. She played Annika Johnson, a whore who shows up at the lodging toward the beginning of the third season. She will likewise star opposite Jonathan Rhys Meyers in the lighthearted comedy Byrd and the Bees, coordinated by Finola Hughes.

Spiridakos shot an untitled TV pilot for CBS in 2015, coordinated by Pamela Fryman. She stars as Holly inverse Adam Brody, playing cherished companions who reconnect sometime down the road.

In 2017, Spiridakos appeared in the three last episodes of the fourth time of the NBC police drama Chicago P.D., as Detective Hailey Upton, a former Robbery-Homicide analyst that joins the Intelligence Unit, before being elevated to a series regular for the series’ fifth season.

Love Life

Tracy Spirikados has never walked down the walkway, despite the fact that she once dated entertainer Jon Cor. The lovebirds dated for some time before engagement in December 2012. Tragically, they couldn’t take their relationship further as they canceled the commitment.

Since her relationship with Jon Cor ended, the entertainer has been somewhat cryptic about her personal life.

Tracy Spiridakos has played Hailey Upton from Season 4, Episode 21 of ‘Chicago P.D.’

Tracy joined the cast of Chicago P.D. a couple of years back, portraying the sharp-witted, incredibly certain Hailey Upton, who came to supplant Voight’s little girl, Erin Lindsay (Sophia Bush), in the group. Throughout the long term, Tracy’s on-screen character has experienced extensive changes. After quite a while of teasing, Hailey and her heartfelt interest and colleague, Jay Halstead (Jesse Lee Soffer), finally got their comeuppance on Chicago P.D.’s Season 9, Episode 9.

Tracy Spiridakos Predicts a change in her ‘Chicago PD’ Character’s Way of Thinking

Tracy Spiridakos figures Hailey Upton will have another mentality in forthcoming episodes of Chicago PD. Also, it will change her relationship with another significant person.

Before the series returned from fall break this month, the entertainer revealed that her personality was taking some significant responsibility for Roy’s demise. Additionally, her assessment of Detective Voight will change throughout the rest of season 9.

“You know, I think Hailey has Voight on somewhat of a platform,” Spiridakos said. “What’s more, I believe that that has changed now for her. I feel that she regards him and loves him like family. In any case, I believe that what has happened has moved her perspective and has moved how she sees him.”

Furthermore, that assertion has proven to be valid. However, there are still a lot more Chicago PD episodes to see before the spring finale. What’s more, the entertainer believes they will undoubtedly be a big hit for Voight and Upton.

“I’m eager to see what [showrunner Gwen Sigan] has coming for us,” she added. “You know, it’s TV. Nobody will be happy for a long time, I’m certain. Something will occur! I’m eager to see what that is. I can’t imagine anything specifically, struggle-wise, among them. That would be fascinating to see, but I’m sure there’s some stuff.”


What nationality is Tracy Spiridakos?


Spiridakos was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, to Greek-born guardians, eatery proprietors George and Anastasia Spiridakos. She has two siblings. The family moved to her dad’s old neighborhood, Skala, Greece south of Sparta, a couple of years after she conceive, and get back to Canada in 1992.

Is Tracy Spiridakos in a relationship?

The 32-year-old entertainer has been working in the business since 2009, and her path has crossed with numerous potential old flames in that time. That being said, however, Tracy isn’t married at the moment, nor does it give the impression that she is involved with anybody.

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