Who is Ranboo and What Does His Face Look Like?

Ranboo is an American virtual entertainment star most famous for streaming Minecraft on his famous Twitch account, Ranboo. A well-known decoration, Ranboo has become perhaps the most prominent member of the famous Minecraft server Dream SMP.

Since joining Dream SMP in late-2020, Ranboo has proceeded to make extraordinary progress as a Twitch decoration. Aside from being well known on Twitch, Ranboo is also popular on other significant web-based entertainment platforms like YouTube, Twitter, TikTok, and Instagram.

He has also effectively utilized his virtual entertainment prominence by making and selling his product on the web.

Ascend to Fame

Ranboo’s ubiquity expanded when he became involved with the famous Minecraft server Dream SMP. Since joining the Dream SMP, Ranboo’s Twitch account has accumulated a large following. At this point, his Twitch account Ranboo has multiple million followers. Ranboo’s prominence on Twitch has assisted him in gaining followers on other virtual entertainment stages like YouTube. His self-named YouTube channel, which was launched on January 30, 2020, has amassed more than 35 million subscribers and over 2.5 million endorsers.

Ranboo is also well known on TikTok where he posts comedic recordings. His TikTok account has racked up more than 2.5 million fans and is north of 40 million preferences. Twitter account, which was created in January 2020, currently has more than 1.5 million followers. His Instagram page has more than 1,000,000 followers.

Ranboo Wiki

  • Name: Ranboo
  • Date Of Birth: December 27, 2003
  • Origin: America
  • Sexuality: Straight
  • Calling: Twitch decoration and YouTuber
  • Age: 17 years presently
  • Conjugal Status: Unmarried
  • Sun Sign: Capricorn


Due to Ranboo’s transient memory and inability to deal with peer pressure, he often force to tell the truth. This is even when it would cause harm to some of his companions.

In that capacity, it is difficult for him to leave someone alone or forget one. Ranboo wishes to maintain well-disposed relations with the vast majority on the server, yet in his mission to be on “everybody’s side” he frequently annoys or confounds everyone around him, while pretending to be friendly with both of them and individuals who have harmed or killed them.

He likewise has something of an ethical predominance complex, as seen in discounting the individuals who don’t share his beliefs as “uninformed” or “egotistical.”

This is one of his imperfections in his disavowal. The man is also sometimes hesitant to acknowledge things he has done (like the ways he has aided Dream in his final state, or the ways he has probably sold out his companions), rather than ignoring them and denying them at any point that occurred, which puts everyone around him at risk. His memory problems aggravate this since he can never be certain what is genuine.

What are Ranboo’s total assets?

 The talented American Twitch decoration has expected total assets of $5 million starting around 2022. He has earned this total from his career as a Twitch decorator and YouTube content maker.

His month-to-month income from the YouTube channel ranges in the range of $8.7k and $10.3k.

Then again, his profit from Twitch is generally somewhere in the range of $162k and $175k each month, for a sum of $1.94 million to $2.1 million every year.

Ranboo Face Reveal

He has not yet exposed his face. Beforehand, Ranboo wore gloves and a highly contrasting facial covering in the video. He does this both to keep up with his internet-based character and keep his data hidden. At 5 million supporters, he might make a full face reveal, contingent upon how agreeable he is with doing so at that point.

Ranboo Eye Reveal

At the end of his stream to honor the inaugural National Ranboo Day on November 26, 2021, his appearance was removed, revealing his right eye.

Twitter Humiliates Ranboo’s Uncovered Face

Some Twitter clients are exploiting the interest around the face to gain eyeballs. Tweets starting with “Ranboo face spill?” contain pictures that appear to be arbitrary. Individuals are likewise pitching other innovative endeavors while others are savaging images or pictures of Tommy.

Even though Ranboo’s cover has slipped every so often, he keeps wearing it and hasn’t expressed any intention of changing that. Fans most certainly love the secret and need to watch him make jokes in his kitchen and play Minecraft. Also, it hasn’t stopped him from gaining so many devotees on various stages.


Even though he has not been making content for quite a while, he immediately rose to fame and acquired an extensive following among numerous Minecraft sweethearts. He made his Twitch channel on the eleventh of September 2020.

 He shows a wide variety of computer games on the channel, like Minecraft, Super Mario Party, and UNO, to name just a few. What’s more, the celebrity takes part in Minecraft broadcasts with a portion of his Twitch associates.

After being assaulted on the transmission by Dream SMP players, the YouTuber’s fame soared, and he was subsequently welcomed to join Dream’s server.

 Up to this point, his essential Twitch account, RanbooLive, has amassed over 4.2 million supporters with a normal of around 200k watchers in each stream. His next channel has over 791k adherents and a typical viewership of 100k for each stream.

 Along with other Twitch decorations, he also runs a YouTube channel. The channel was created on 30th January 2020, and it has amassed over 64.87 million followers with 3.89 million supporters. In January 2021, he launched a second YouTube channel to distribute recordings from his Twitch streams.

Notwithstanding Twitch and YouTube, the star teamed up with a Canadian collectible firm, Youtooz, to create a line of plushies based on his characters. Other internet celebrities who have teamed up with the firm include Anthony Padilla and Jarvis Johnson.


When is Ranboo’s face uncovered?

Aside from the upcoming eye reveal in November 2021, he has not provided any information about any booked face unveilings.

What does Ranboo look like without his cover?

Unfortunately, none of his fans and adherents know how he looks as he always wears shades and facial coverings. Only his hair and temples are visible.

Where does Ranboo reside?

The Twitch decoration lives in San Francisco Bay Area, California, in the United States.

What illness does Ranboo have?

Ranboo dislikes his momentary memory and is sometimes unfit to review facts that happened a short time ago. Ranboo claims that he can recall specific insights concerning specific events, but the rest is a haze to him.

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