What Happened to Shay on Chicago Fire?

what happened to shay on Chicago Fire

Leslie Shay was a key part of the Chicago Fire’s first two years. She had a convoluted friendship with Gabby Dawson (Monica Raymund). The fans looking through old episodes might be confused concerning what her identity was and why she’s never again part of the show. Lauren German playing Shay was a paramedic at Firehouse … Read more

Why Did Sophia Bush Leave Chicago PD?

why did sophia bush leave Chicago PD

Character and entertainer flights are nothing new to One Chicago fans. Like in most long-running establishments, the One Chicago establishment shows of Chicago Fire, Chicago Med, and Chicago PD have each had their fair share of cast purges throughout the long term. While a portion of these projected flights has been normal, most have overwhelmed … Read more

Who is Tracy Spiridakos? Know About Her Love Life, Education & Career

Tracy Spiridakos

Tracy Spiridakos is a Canadian entertainer. She featured Becky Richards on the Teletoon youngsters’ satire series Majority Rules! From 2009-to 2010. She then featured as Charlotte “Charlie” Matheson on the NBC dystopian sci-fi series Revolution from 2012-to 2014, for which she won Saturn Award for Best Actress on Television. She played Annika Johnson on the … Read more

Who is Ranboo and What Does His Face Look Like?

Ranboo is an American virtual entertainment star most famous for streaming Minecraft on his famous Twitch account, Ranboo. A well-known decoration, Ranboo has become perhaps the most prominent member of the famous Minecraft server Dream SMP. Since joining Dream SMP in late-2020, Ranboo has proceeded to make extraordinary progress as a Twitch decoration. Aside from … Read more

19 Richest Kids in the World and Their Net Worth in 2022

Every year, the number of new millionaires and billionaires grows. Most of the assets that parents inherit is typically passed on to their children, who become rich before they have even begun school, much less experienced adolescence. So while adult billionaires dominate the worldwide list of wealthy individuals, there’s also a need to identify the … Read more