Secrets of Instagram promotion : how to get more likes for your posts?

The goal of every blogger on Instagram is to get as much fame, user recognition as possible and become a truly popular author. But it’s quite difficult, especially when it comes to getting red hearts. No matter how long ago you started your online journey, the problem with a drop in activity may be familiar to you. Often the reason is fierce competition – your publications are lost against the background of thousands of others, users simply do not see them and cannot appreciate them. However, do not despair, you can always solve this problem and destroy the wall between you and potential subscribers.

How can you do that? Many newcomers rely exclusively on free methods and believe that it is enough just to post interesting publications to attract attention to the content. In fact, this is not enough, and free promotion methods may be ineffective. Then specialized companies come to the rescue, offering to buy real Instagram likes. This is a great chance to increase the number of interactions with your posts, increase their visibility and even get more new fans. But this is not the only secret of promotion; in the article we’ll talk about this and two other ways to get more likes.

Secret №1: use the right hashtags

Hashtags are keywords that you need to use to increase the visibility of your posts. Using a keyword leads to the fact that your post will appear on the page with this tag and will be shown to a large number of users. But there are several features here: not all tags are universal and suitable for every creator. 

You need to select only those that relate to the subject of the page and don’t have many posts from other authors. Choose low-frequency keywords – this way you will increase the chance that the publication will not get lost among the rest and will be in the top. Don’t use too many words, it won’t make the result much better. We recommend choosing the 7-10 the best ones and experimenting with them by choosing different combinations.

Secret №2: buy red hearts 

You see, free promotion methods entail a lot of inconveniences : you spend a lot of time, effort and resources to make posts more attractive and viewed. But you don’t get any guarantees – the result may never be achieved, even if you act wisely. 

This can be inconvenient – ambitious newcomers have no desire to wait too long, they want to become more competitive right now. And this is a very real task, you can get the desired number of red hearts instantly – just buy likes on Instagram. This will give an excellent result – algorithms will start to consider your content more valuable and send them to other people’s recommendations. To date, this is the fastest and most effective way to increase engagement and viewability of posts.

Secret №3 : post your content everywhere

If you, like millions of other people, have accounts on several resources at once, you have a great opportunity to attract more new viewers and get more likes. Duplicate the most successful and appreciated publications on other sites: Telegram, TikTok, Youtube, Twitter and Facebook. Your most active followers will follow the link, study the content and support the posts with likes and comments. This is what you need!

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