How to Hotwire a Car with a Chip Key? 

How to Hotwire a Car with a Chip Key? In this post, we show you how to Hotwire a car with a chip key. This method allows you to rent a car without having to give your credit card information.

Why Use a Chip Key? If you are using the Hotwire system, you may be asked for a credit card or debit card. The purpose of this is to guarantee the reservation of a specific car in your desired location. However, you may have forgotten your card or it may not be convenient to use it. In these cases, you can rent a car with a chip key. What Are Chip Keys?

What is Chipkey?

Chipkeys are keys that store information about themselves and what you do to them. They use radio frequency identification (RFID) technology to track the owner’s movements and can send alerts when they are used on a vehicle.

While a car key can usually be used to start a car that hasn’t been locked out, a chipkey can only start an unlocked vehicle. It won’t work if there is a deadlock, and it won’t unlock any doors.

A car owner can use a chipkey to help prevent car theft. For example, when you lock your car, you can turn off the engine remotely. Then, if your car is stolen and it starts running, the car thief will quickly lose power and be unable to drive away.

How to Hotwire a Car With a Chip Key

This is another very common question for people who are learning how to make their car hotwire and are finding it tricky. Here’s an overview of the steps you can take to hotwire a car:

1) Find a car you want to hotwire

Make sure you have a working key in the ignition of your car because this is the only way to start the car without making a hotwire.

2) Open the door and remove the key

The easiest way to remove the key is to open the door and take it out. If you want to be more precise, you can take the key out by grabbing the lock and pulling it towards the door. You can also remove the key by hitting the key a hard way to dislodge it, but you might damage your ignition.

3) Place the key into the slot

If you want to be very accurate and remove the key in a smart way, the best thing to do is place the key into the ignition. You should press the key all the way down until you feel a click, which should be heard by you or someone else nearby.

4) Wait a few seconds and turn the key

It is usually a good idea to wait for a few seconds after you press the key before turning it. This allows the engine to warm up a bit and also lets you check if the key is really in. If the key isn’t in, you won’t be able to turn the key and hotwire the car.

5) Repeat steps 1–4 a few times

It is a good idea to repeat steps 1–4 a few times until the car is hotwired. This is because sometimes the ignition will not respond at all and the car will not start.

6) Drive the car

After you hotwire the car, the first thing you should do is to drive it a few feet to make sure it is working. After that, it is time to go on your journey.

How to Hotwire a Car Using a Screw Driver

  1. First, start by opening the hood of your car.
  2. Next, take the driver’s seat and pull out the screwdriver, which should have a flat end that will fit into the screws on the dashboard.
  3. Start at the back of the steering wheel and remove the screws one by one.
  4. Once you have removed all the screws, you will notice two round black plastic circles that hold the steering wheel in place. Pull them out.
  5. Now you are ready to pull off the steering wheel.
  6. Next, use your hands to grab the wheel and slowly pull it down toward the dash.
  7. Once the wheel is completely free, you can flip it around and place it on top of the dashboard.
  8. You’re done!

How to Hotwire a Car Using a Spark Plug Wire

  • The key to hotwiring a car using a spark plug wire is to turn off the ignition switch.
  • If you are driving a manual car, you must pull over and switch off the engine. Then take the ignition key out of the ignition and remove the key from the steering wheel. You need to be sure you leave the door unlocked and the car is in neutral, with no gear engaged.
  • You should place the spark plug wire under the key so that you can quickly hotwire the car.
  • Place the spark plug wire across the terminals of the spark plug, with the positive terminal at the top and the negative terminal at the bottom.
  • Now insert the ignition key into the ignition and turn it to the ‘on’ position.
  • You should now hear the key turn in the ignition. Keep turning the key to the ‘on’ position.
  • When the car starts, the key will be in the on position and you will know the car is hotwired.
  • You can now drive the car to where you want to go.


In conclusion, it’s not just a question of whether you can get your hands on a car. You need to be able to access it, too. To do that, you need to be able to use a chip key. And that’s where we come in. We’ve got the answer.

We’ve found a way to get you into a car that’s not just available, but that’s also safe and secure. And that’s why we’re here. It’s our job to make sure that you can access the cars you want. And we’re not going to let you down.

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