How to Fold Towels, According to the Folding Lady

We learn how to fold towels correctly from TikTok’s organization sensation.

It was intended to be a hobby for Sophie Liard when she launched TikTok in 2020. Beginning her career in retail, the United Kingdom-based creator folded clothes in department stores. With her handy hacks, she dispels everything from how to fold towels to how to fold fitted sheets, blankets, jeans, and delicate knits. Her following on Instagram has grown to half a million and she is releasing a book titled The Folding Lady, The Folding Lady this April.

What is the secret to her wildly popular how-tos? This book shows simple, clever, easy-to-follow (and quick!) solutions for tidying up without the hassle. Her forthcoming book illustrates how to fold pretty much anything: boxers, pants, socks, bedding, towels, even napkins and wrapping paper. As with Marie Kondo’s folding method, the result is a peaceful space with an added benefit of inner joy. For me, it has been a great way to regain control over my life. Liard says folding clothes can be a “life-changing way of thinking” due to its mindfulness aspect.

Folded towels for a calming space

She has two viral TikToks about folding towels that have received more than 30 million views each. One of my followers saw it on a TV channel in a gas station in the U.S., which was so cool to hear,” Liard says. What makes them so popular, in her opinion? The “ranger” fold she uses isn’t well known to most people.

When folded in this way, towels work well with closet organizers and linen closet organization tools, but they can also become part of the bathroom decor. Traditionally, towels have been kept in a cupboard and displayed only in spas, but they make a great home display, she says. It adds a calming spa feel to a bathroom when towels are displayed.”

The quickest and easiest way to fold a towel is with Liard’s “thirds and thirds again” technique. But the ranger is the most popular (and most viewed). Follow these steps to get tidy towels in seconds, no matter how you lay them out.

How to fold towels using the “thirds and thirds again” method

  1. On a flat surface, lay the towel vertically with the tag facing up.
  2. Fold the short side closest to you inward until it reaches the opposite edge two-thirds of the way.
  3. The short side at the top should be folded toward the far edge. A half-inch of towel should hang over the folded edge. This will keep the edges of the finished towel clean. By now, you should have a rectangle that is smaller and horizontal.
  4. Turn the towel over.
  5. Make sure one of the short sides is folded two-thirds of the way to the opposite edge.
  6. The other short side should be folded toward the opposite end.
  7. Make a neat rectangle out of your folded towel by turning it over.

How to fold towels using the “ranger fold” method

  1. Place your towel vertically on a flat surface. When folding a large towel (such as a bath towel), fold it in half. Keep hand towels, dish towels, and other smaller towels flat.
  2. Turn under a section of towel about the size of your palm starting from the bottom (the side nearest you).
  3. One long side should be folded to the middle.
  4. Overlap the folded section and stop about a half-inch before the edge of the towel before folding the other side.
  5. Fold down from the top to the bottom. Your towel’s size will determine how many times you should wash it.
  6. You will see a pocket on the towel when you flip it over. To secure everything in place, unfold this and fold it over the towel. In the end, you’ll have a compact square shape that won’t unravel.

How to fold towels using the “ranger roll” method

  1. Tag side up, lay the towel vertically on a flat surface.
  2. Turn under a section of towel about the size of your palm starting from the bottom (the side nearest you).
  3. Two-thirds of the way inward, fold one long side.
  4. The other long side should be folded inward, overlapping the folded section about a half-inch before the towel’s edge.
  5. In a straight line, roll the towel from top to bottom.
  6. Once you’ve created the pocket, you’ll be able to see it. To secure everything in place, unfold this and fold it over the towel roll. Result: a compact, tucked roll that won’t unravel.

How to fold towels like a hotel or spa

  1. You should lay your towel horizontally, tag side up, on a flat surface.
  2. Fold the lower left corner up until it reaches the upper edge of the towel. The left edge of the towel should now be at the top of the triangle.
  3. The lower right corner should be folded up to meet the upper right corner. At the base of the towel, the short edge meets the longer, upper edge.
  4. Turn the towel over. Make sure it doesn’t unfold.
  5. The straight edge should be rolled towards the point as you roll.
  6. Tuck the point into the edge of the roll to secure the fold.

FAQ about towel folding

We all have questions about towel folding, and Liard has answers. Find out how to fold towels in the following sections.

Does the size matter?

It does not matter what size you fold, all methods work. Towels that are larger, such as bath and beach towels, must first be folded in half before you can roll or fold them.

What side should the towel be folded on?

Towels are usually folded facedown, then tagged up. Lieard’s advice: Try the fold, and look at the finished product carefully. Was that what you wanted to see on the towel? Can you see the detail on a towel with a printed or woven hem when you fold it? After you’ve assessed the end product, you’ll know how (and at what stage) to tweak your fold. The details, in particular, will require some creativity since they tend to differ from towel to towel.

Is it better to fold or roll towels?

In this case, there is no right or wrong method. Depending on the space the towels live in—linen closet versus bathroom versus clothes closet—and the aesthetic you’re aiming for, it’s a matter of personal preference. Keeping washcloths upright in a basket, for example, makes them easily accessible and visually appealing. Ranger folded and stacked bath sheets, which are larger than bath towels, look neat and uniform. Combining them with bathroom essentials such as fragrances and soaps provides a nice texture on a shelf display.

Circumstances may also influence your folding choice. You can practice folding towels like a spa if you have guests staying over, then wow them with your fancy towel rolls.

What is the best method if you don’t have a lot of storage space?

With a ranger roll, you can store a towel in a small closet or bathroom without it unraveling. It is recommended that folded towels be placed in baskets to save space. When it comes to storage and closet organization, containing them gives you many more options.

Learn how to clean a bathroom and how to organize your closet before you start organizing. Consider these walk-in closet organization ideas if you plan to store your towels there.

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