How Often Should I Play With My Kitten

If you’re like me, you have a favorite kitten that you love to play with. This is great, but what if you play too much? What if you start to feel guilty because you’re neglecting your responsibilities as a pet parent? Well, you’re not alone. Most pet parents suffer from the same problem. They play with their kittens or puppies too much. In fact, the average pet parent plays with their pets for an average of 30 minutes per day. So, how often should you play with your kitten or puppy? According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, you should play with your pet for at least five hours each day. That’s almost two hours per day!

We discuss the benefits of playing with your kitten, and what to expect if you decide to play with it.

How Often Should I Play With My Kitten
How Often Should I Play With My Kitten

How Often Should You Play With Your Kitten

Play with your kitten is fun and rewarding, but it can also be hard work! There are lots of ways to play with your kitten.

Give it lots of treats

Kittens love food. This means they get excited when they see it coming and when they see you holding out a treat, they will race towards you and jump up to snatch it.

It helps to give your kitten treats that look and smell like real food. They will enjoy this more than treats made from cardboard or plastic.

Give your kitten lots of praise

If you praise your kitten, it will come back for more. Saying “good girl” or “good boy” will encourage your kitten to play with you. You can also give your kitten a name.

Play games

It’s fun to play with your kitten. Lots of games are easy to learn and you can use lots of objects. Choose simple toys that fit into a kitten’s mouth.

A simple game you can play is called “peek-a-boo.” The kitten hides behind a closed door, and you open it to find it.

Kittens love to hide under things. You can put a piece of cloth or blanket under a table and encourage your kitten to hide there. Then you can stroke and feed it.

You can also play hide and seek. Hide somewhere that your kitten can’t reach, then chase it around the house until it finds you.

Try playing with your kitten on the floor. This is a great way to keep its teeth clean. It can also be fun to roll a ball along the floor for your kitten to play with.

Best Toys to Play with Kitten

Kittens are the cutest babies, they always try to play with you but unfortunately, we don’t know how to play with them. So, here are the best toys to play with your kitten.

Catnip toy

Catnip is the best option to make your kitty happy. This is an essential toy for a kitty. You can make a ball of catnip and roll it around the house to keep your kitten busy. If your cat is not interested in catnip, you can try the alternative toys.

Tug-of-war toy

This is the most interesting and fun toy for your cat. It is a tug-of-war game between the cat and you. Tug-of-war is the most favorite game of the cats and this is the best way to play with your kitten. The cat will pull and you will release it.

Ball and bat

This is a very useful toy for the kitties. They love to play with it. You can also use it to teach your kitten to fetch the ball. If your kitten is old, you can use it to play fetching.

Laser pointer

A laser pointer is one of the best toys to play with your kitten. You can use it to play laser tag. You can also use it to teach your kitten to sit, stay, walk, jump, etc.


This is one of the best toys for kittens. Your kitty will love to play with it. You can also use it to play fetching.

Benefits of Exercising for Kittens

We all know that exercise is very important for our body. As we grow up, we will gain a good amount of weight and it will be a big challenge to maintain it. Regular workout will help you to lose weight, tone your body and make it more active. If you are looking for an ideal way to get your body shape, then you should take care of your kitten.

Kittens have the same requirements as human beings, if you are also thinking of exercising for your kitty, then you should take some precautions and start with the right amount.

Make sure that you take care of your kitten as well as you. Give it food, water and clean area to play.

Make sure that your kitten is not exposed to cold weather.

Exercise will boost your energy, but if you are giving a tough workout to your kitty then you will feel tired.

Exercise will make you look more active and energetic.

It will keep your body more fit and you will be more active.

Take care of your kitten. It will help you to gain a good shape.

You can also buy an exercise ball to help your kitty in exercise.


In conclusion, playing with your kitten is an important part of your daily routine. It keeps your brain active and keeps your body healthy. Playing with your kitten also helps you get rid of stress and anxiety. if you are thinking about exercising for your kitty, then you can follow the above mentioned points. The exercise ball will help you to make your kitten more active and will make your body more fit.

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